Sunday, October 22, 2017

Bowing down in defeat

They say pictures speak a thousand words. So is there a photograph that defines defeat? Yes, there is and no, it’s not that of a warrior or battle from the pages of history but that of a cop in Andhra Pradesh folding his hands and bowing his head down in submission to a family of five on a bike!

Shared on Twitter by Karnataka Cadre IPS Officer Abhishek Goyal, the photograph was taken in Anantapur’s Madakasira Circle and shows Circle Inspector B Shubh Kumar folding his hands in defeat to a man who is riding a two-wheeler with four other people perched on it. Not surprisingly, the photograph has gone viral and is garnering many a laugh on social media.

The incident took place when Shubha was going to work and saw the man, K Hanumantharayudu, on a bike with his two sons sitting on the fuel tank, his wife behind him and a relative on edge of the seat. “I had just finished a one-and-a-half hour programme on road safety awareness in which that man was also present. My mind went blank when I saw the five of them riding so dangerously and all I could do was fold my hands in total resignation, helplessness and frustration. I asked him to think of the safety of his family as he did not have minimum sense of responsibility towards them. As the two kids were sitting on the fuel tank, he had little room to manoeuvre because their legs were stuck to the handlebar. Accidents happen like that only. When I confronted him, he just smiled back at me and murmured something,” the inspector told The Indian Express.

The photograph is funny for sure, yet the inspector is far from pleased as he said that the driver was a repeat offender who had been warned many times before. “He also did not wear a helmet and none of his family members too had one. This also puts others on the road at risk. He was totally unconcerned about the danger,” he added.

One can laugh it off saying, “It happens only in India” but is this really something to laugh about? Especially after the increasing number of accidents taking place in the country? Now that’s something to think about!